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Helen’s  Story

Helen is a nomadic yoga teacher inspired by the teachings and students of Vanda Scaravelli with Elizabeth Pauncz (one of Vanda’s students) as her mentor and guide. Helen also offers training’s in Chavutti Thirumal (massage by foot pressure), which has a strong influence on her teaching style.

Goa has been Helen’s second home for many years, as well as enjoying leading yoga seminars, teacher training’s and intensives in Europe, India, USA and Scandinavia. She is passionate about spontaneous, intuitive movement in the form of waves and spirals and includes her love of ecstatic dance into her teaching.

Helen’s aim is to invite a lightness of being and joy to our movement practice and to encourage others to listen and respond to their intuition with safety and awareness. Scaravelli-inspired yoga has no methods or set sequences. This approach encourages the practitioner to create a strong relationship to the ground, the breath and to awakening the spine.

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Ru’s  Story

Rupert teaches Yoga, Qigong and Kung Fu and is a long term practitioner of Shamanic Healing in the Toltec tradition. He facilitates movement and meditation retreats and co-created the Shala 142 retreat space in Goa dedicated to music and the healing arts. He also combines body-work with sound vibration for individuals and also in groups. In addition to a personal teaching practice, he offers yoga training with the Yoga Health Mandala.

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Steve’s  Story

Steve is a yoga teacher, personal trainer, and sports therapist. He loves bringing his interest in healing peoples injuries into movement so people can not only rehabilitate their own pain but also return their body to optimal health for their age and their individual history. 

Steve uses many modalities to achieve this depending upon the persons particular requirement. This means he has a non-dogmatic approach to movement and likes to combine both strength and mobility.

Steve also teaches anatomy and functional movement in workshops that he aims to make accessible and fun as well as to pack with useful information.

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Our Mission

To impart high quality trainings in movement and health. These immersions have  a solid foundation in anatomy and muscoskeletal health combined with the latest fascial research to create the optimum conditions for health. The tools used are a combination of scaravelli inspired yoga, resistance and mobility training. There is also a stong emphasis on enquiry to help you find your own philosophy.

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